YSLPR is seeking submissions from undergraduate and graduate students from across the United States. We are looking for evidence-based analysis with original insights, which adds to scholarship in their subject area.

Submission guidelines:

  • Must be primarily focused on state and local policies.
  • Must contain original analysis and not have already been published by another journal or organization.
  • To be eligible for the peer-reviewed print edition, submissions must be 10-25 pages double-spaced. For the website, submissions should be a minimum of five pages.
  • Must have an abstract written by the author that answers the question, “How does this research affect decision making by state and local policymakers?” Diagrams, charts, etc may not make it into the print edition.
  • Must be willing to accept and discuss edits (we cannot guarantee that what you submit will be published verbatim but the author will have final approval on edits).
  • Jargon should be minimal so non-experts can read the piece.
  • Author acknowledges that any submission can be published online, in print, or not at all, at the journal’s discretion.

For submissions preliminarily selected for the print edition, peer reviewers will ascertain if the paper meets the following criteria:

  1. Is an original and a significant contribution to policy scholarship
  2. Is of interest to state or local policymakers
  3. Clearly presents results, which support the conclusion
  4. Contains concise, understandable language
  5. Applies appropriate methodology and existing scholarship