Robert Inman, Professor of Finance, Economics, and Public Policy, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. To my mind there is no
Alan D. Viard, Resident Scholar at AEI for tax and budget policy More than 500 federally recognized Native American tribes
Anthony Gad, Director of Research at State Innovation Exchange (SiX) One tactic that corporate special interests have used to halt
Tina Fletcher, University of Pennsylvania Education Policy PhD 2022; Trina Fletcher, Assistant Professor at Florida International University Although Arkansas’ official
Victoria Reese: William and Mary 2020 Between the years 2004 and 2012 the smoking prevalence in Virginia declined by 3.43%.
Sinead Hunt: Barnard 2020 In December 2017, the Trump administration eliminated the tax penalties associated with the Affordable Care Act’s
Andrew Ford: University of Pennsylvania Masters of Education Policy 2019 State and local policymakers face a dilemma with student speech.
A YSLPR Interview (click to download) YSLPR: Please tell us about a policy issue that you anticipate will be challenging
Professor Nestor Davidson: Fordham Law School, Founder and Faculty Director, Urban Law Center One area of focus that would help
Jacob Wasserman: UCLA Master of Urban and Regional Planning 2019, Yale 2016 “Self-driving cars won’t work until we change our

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